Who is Aris Wind?

Aris Wind LLC is the wholly owned subsidiary of Aris Renewable Energy, LLC and a metropolitan New York City based renewable energy firm that has licensed the Airsynergy Enhanced Wind Turbine for the entire United States and all of the Caribbean Islands. Aris Wind is also acting as an agent on behalf of Airsynergy to identify and qualify other suitable potential licensees in other territories within North and South America.

Who is Airsynergy?

Airsynergy is an Ireland-based technology company that has patented several air movement inventions including the “Enhanced Wind Turbine” and is now bringing its innovative products to North and South America.

What is the Enhanced Wind Turbine?

The Enhanced Wind Turbine is the world’s most powerful wind turbine, with its patented “shroud” technology that enables it to produce approximately double the annual energy production (AEP) of conventional 3-blade horizontal axis wind turbines. The technology opens up a vast new geographic market of economically viable wind energy sites. The product line, currently focused on the “Distributed Wind” (sub 100kW) market segment, is scalable to MW scale “Big Wind”.