Airsynergy Corp/Tech Background


Corporate Background:

  • Airsynergy, the licensor and technology source was founded by Jim Smyth, its lead inventor and visionary behind Airsynergy’s technology. Jim, formerly a project manager at engineering giant, ABB, comes from a multidisciplinary engineering background with specific expertise and experience in the environmental and air management engineering sectors.
  • Since its founding five years ago, Airsynergy has carefully built a core multi-skilled management team that is now bringing its patented technology to market with ambitious plans for the business.
  • Airsynergy leverages its technology strengths with a licensing and contract manufacturing business model. Utilizing the manufacturing and market reach of others, Airsynergy remains focused on innovation, intellectual property and technology commercialization.

Technology Background and Status:

TES – Development Stages
Conventional Wind Turbines AS6 TES
Conventional Wind Turbines  (Castleblayney, Ireland)   2010 AS6 (Fermanagh, Ireland)  2010-2011 TES (Sligo, Ireland)        2013

Airsynergy Wind Turbine

  • Airsynergy has developed and demonstrated an Enhanced Wind Turbine with an innovative and patented design, utilizing a “shroud” that encircles the blades of a conventional 3-blade horizontal axis turbine, and enables it to produce twice the annual power output.
  • After extensive design work, and two earlier full size field demonstrations, the AS-5 turbine has undergone independent power performance testing by the GL Group, a leader in testing and certification in the wind industry.  Early results confirm that the AS-5 is producing over 100% more energy than comparative small wind turbines on the market.
  • The AS-5 technology has now been superseded by a further advancement in wind turbine technology, the Total Energy Solution (TES) product.
  • In parallel, Airsynergy has developed the RPU Off-Grid Wind/Solar Lighting Solution.
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