“ComEd Installs Off-Grid Renewable Lighting at Bronzeville Schools”

(ComEd) February, 2019

“Sustainable Lighting Blows Into High School Parking Lot”

(The Rivertowns Enterprise) August, 2017

“Public Schools of the Tarrytowns Embrace Renewable and Resilient Energy”

(Green Energy Times) June, 2017

Aris Wind Remote Power Unit Timelapse

June, 2017

RPU In Action: Day & Night at Washington Irving Middle School

June, 2017

“WCC’s Sustainability Club Works with Local Company to Make a ‘Green Connection'”

May, 2017

“A Journey From an Advanced Wind Turbine To Off-Grid Power For Smart Cities”

(Ted Talk at the BuildingsNY – ConEd Pavilion) March, 2017

“Remote Power Units for Off-Grid Lighting and Urban Resilience”

(Galvin Energy Center for Electricity Innovation at IIT/Chicago) March, 2017

Remote Power Unit Comes To Life At WCC

October, 2016

“New Wind Technology to Power the Developing World” Aris Press Release

August, 2016

Aris Presentation at United Nations, “Empowering the Developing World” (August 2016)

August, 2016

TES at Tayto Park, Ireland

July, 2016

Airsynergy’s Renewable Power Unit (RPU) Introduction Video

July, 2016

RPU Banner & Charging Station Installation Time lapse

July, 2016

Wind-Solar Streetlight Harnesses Off-the-Grid Power for Tarrytown Schools

(Public Schools of the Tarrytowns) May, 2016 wind+solar+machine+at+WI+2 If you’ve been to the Washington Irving Intermediate School in Tarrytown lately, you may have noticed the unusual tall lamppost hovering over the newly refurbished upper field. You may have also noticed that the post is topped by a small windmill and a solar panel. The tall object is called an off-grid Remote Power Unit (RPU) – and “off-grid” is the key term to remember here. The RPU was installed four months ago by Aris Energy Solutions, a Mount Vernon-based company that specializes in providing reliable, independent lighting on roadways, parkways, parking lots and recreation areas. In a partnership with the Tarrytown School District and Willdan Energy Solutions, Aris constructed the wind-solar energy device at Washington Irving. The bonus for the school district? Off-the-grid lighting and power that is already hard at work providing lighting for both security and athletic events at WI’s popular fields. During the day, and particularly because of its location close to the windy Hudson River, the RPU stores wind and solar power that can then provide lighting in the evenings. Continue reading →



June, 2016

Aris Presentation to United Nations, “Empowering the Developing World” May, 2016

May, 2016

Aris Wind And Grenlec Demonstrate Wind-Solar Streetlight In Grenada

(Vaughndell Joseph) February, 2016

Aris Wind’s Grenada Installation Video On Channel 6

 (Grenada CC6) February, 2016

Breezy Point Puts Wind To Good Use

(The Rockaway Times, Katie McFadden) December, 2015


Disruptive turbine technology to change global wind-energy map.

(  December, 2013

Airsynergy and Aris Renewable Energy Extend License Partnership


December 2, 2013

Partnership Now Covers the Entire USA & Caribbean Markets Airsynergy, a leading developer of advanced wind energy solutions and Aris Renewable Energy LLC, a Metropolitan New York City based renewable energy firm, have extended their royalty bearing license agreement covering small wind (< 100kW) applications and markets. Aris is now the exclusive licensee of Airsynergy’s enhanced wind turbine technology for the entire USA and Caribbean. Aris will continue to act as agents for Airsynergy in Central & South America. ‘We have been very impressed with the passion, energy and expertise that the Aris team have shown since becoming our commercial partner’ said Jim Smyth CEO of Airsynergy. ‘Over the past few months, we have developed a great working relationship that has seen both companies make great strides towards our mutual goals. Extending the agreement to cover the remainder of the US and Caribbean represents the next logical progression in that relationship.’ ‘We are delighted to expand the reach of this agreement with Airsynergy’ commented Gerry Ryan CEO of Aris. ‘Having had the opportunity to talk to many businesses and consumers all across the US and Caribbean over the past few months, we are even more convinced of the value proposition the Airsynergy enhanced wind turbine solution provides across many small wind market segments. We are proud that Airsynergy has entrusted us to launch their enhanced wind turbine product line in the US and Caribbean. We are fully confident to meet or exceed the market’s requirements, while delivering a royalty streamto Airsynergy that this transformational and patented technology deserves’. The USA is one of the largest small wind markets in the world by installed capacity. Most recent figures, based on conventional wind technology, estimate that 13 million US homes have the potential for small wind turbines. The superior performance of Airsynergy turbines, particularly in low wind conditions, will increase this addressable market significantly. The Caribbean islands have a strong dependency on imported energy sources as there are few major oil/gas fields in the region. The Caribbean is greatly increasing its focus on renewable energy and seeks to capitalise on its strongwind resource to establish future energy sources that are both renewable and reliable. The Airsynergy enhanced turbine, which provides a higher and more consistent power generation in a smaller size turbine, is an ideal solution for many Caribbean islandswhere available wind sites are often at a premium and more distributed, more continuous power generation alternatives have significant siting, operating an economic benefits for island electrical grids ramping up their renewable portfolios The first products that Aris is bringing to the US and Caribbean market in early 2014 are a Wind Powered Streetlight and AS5 5kW Wind Turbine ,both based on Airsynergy’s patented design. About Aris Renewable Energy ( ) Aris Renewable Energy is the exclusive licensee of Airsynergy’s patented distributed wind technology for the United States and Caribbean. Aris Renewable Energy, and its subsidiaries are affiliates of DGC Capital Contracting Corporation; a 27-year old company with a solid reputation amongst the largest retailers for executing fast track construction projects on time and on budget. Aris has added deep renewable energy knowhow to complement its traditional strengths and customer focus, and has allied with Airsynergy to bring innovative enhanced wind solutions to the US distributed Wind Market. About Airsynergy ) Airsynergy is a leading designer of next generation wind turbines for the modern energy market. It has developed and patented scalable wind turbine designs that significantly enhance the power output and, for the first time, make wind energy cheaper than fossil fuels in many applications.Airsynergy’s objective is to make wind energy affordable, feasible and accessible to people everywhere. This is being powered through ‘win-win’ commercial partnerships and licenses with manufacturers and distributors throughout the globe. If you are interested in licensing the world’s most powerful wind technology for your business then please or email:

Airsynergy wins Engineers Ireland Technology of the Year Award 2013

November, 2013

Airsynergy received the Technology of the Year for 2013 awarded by Engineers Ireland at a ceremony in the Four Seasons, in Dublin on November, 8th 2013. The award recognises innovative technological concepts created in Ireland or by Irish engineers that clearly demonstrates a real impact on society coupled with an actual or future contribution to the economy. Speaking at the event, Jim Smyth CEO of Airsynergy said ‘We are honoured to accept this award from Engineers Ireland. This has been an exciting year for the company on both the technological and commercial front and to have our efforts recognised by our peers tonight is particularly gratifying.’ Airsynergy received the award for its enhanced wind turbine technology which produces 100% greater energy output than conventional turbines. This is accomplished through Airsynergy’s patented pressure control shroud system. The enhanced wind turbine’s ability to operate on low wind sites also multiplies the number of available wind sites globally. The award comes following a recently finalised agreement with Aris Renewable Energy LLC, a New York based energy company, which will see the first of Airsynergy’s product range: the AS-5 (5kW) and Wind Generated Streetlight go on sale in the US and Caribbean early next year. Airsynergy expects to conclude similar deals before the end of the year for the UK, Irish and Scandanavian markets. Jim Smyth also added ‘If 2013 was our breakthrough year, 2014 will really be about delivering on our potential and introducing a number of our products across global markets.’

Airsynergy and Aris Renewable Energy Sign License Agreement For The US Wind Market

July, 2013
news photo   New York, July 2013- Airsynergy, a leading developer of advanced wind energy solutions and Aris Renewable Energy, New York based wind turbine supplier, today announced that they have entered into a multi state license agreement for the US market. Under the terms of the agreement, Airsynergy has granted Aris a royalty bearing patent license to develop, manufacture and sell wind turbines and wind generated streetlighting utilising Airsynergy’s patented enhancement technologies. The license covers 32 US states. Aris is also acting as agent for Airsynergy to secure other licensees in North and South America.  Continue reading →


Introducing Airsynergy