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Why Now? Why Aris? 

  •  With solar power investment, your business can realize cost savings on the electricity it uses every day while at the same time demonstrating the kind of social and environmental responsibility clients and investors can be proud to support.
  • Aris Energy Solutions offers turn-key solar installations for all businesses located in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia!  Selecting Aris Energy Solutions to provide your site specific, turn-key solar energy solution, means an investment in quality and experience.  Based on your site and company goals, we offer a cohesive project approach; built from a single framework that’s managed and warranted after completion so your focus can stay on your business.  Aris Energy Solutions knows we all want to help the planet, and understands that sometimes R.O.I. drives the decision.  Our dedicated management team will submit and track your local, state and federal incentives, IR’s and grants. We mean it when we say, “Total Renewable Energy Solution Provider!”
  • Aris Energy Solutions strives to “keep it local”.  When we deploy our experienced team of project managers, master electricians, certified installers and construction crews- we prefer to hire locally for services.  We believe working with local professionals when possible adds a buzz around your project and a local sense of involvement with a “Green Future!”
  • Producing your own renewable energy has never been more profitable for business owners than now. Electric utility charges increase every year, as do environmental restrictions on the way businesses operate.  Utilizing the state and federal incentives, grants and rebates can provide a 50% return in Year 1, and a total return on investment as soon as Year 4!
  • Innovative businesses are seeing the financial benefits of Self-Sustaining Solar Energy Production to combat the escalation price of utility electricity and increase company profitability.

Utilities we have worked with include:


Roof Mount Ballast                                                                  Ground Mount Ballast

Is Solar right for your Business?

Aris Energy Solutions will help you figure it out.  There are many variables to consider when sizing a roof-mount solar PV array correctly.  Our team is committed to rigorous site specific evaluations to uncover project goals and feasibility at the on-set of your project to ensure a seamless solar installation.  We understand that you have a business to operate, so we mean it when we say, “Total Renewable Energy Solution Provider!”.  Aris Energy Solutions will submit, then track all paperwork and filings necessary for permitting; as well as local, State and Federal incentives, rebates and grants.

With just a few of your electricity bills and your address, our trained Energy Consultants can run a feasibility analysis and help you determine if going solar is the right investment for you – free of charge.

editSubmit – up to 12 months of electricity bills and tell us the proposed site address

notepadAnalyze – we’ll review your bills and site and quickly respond with a feasibility report

smileDecide – If you like what you see, we will set a time for an on-site evaluation

Aris Energy Solutions is expanding our market!  In addition to serving the businesses located in North and South Carolina, we are now the “Total Renewable Energy Solution Provider” in Virginia!

Net Metering


Net Metering allows you to earn credits on your utility bill for your solar energy generation. Since some utilities pay less than wholesale rates (avoided cost) for solar generation, Net Metering allows you to earn credits on your account at significantly higher market rates.  Call today to set an appointment with one of our trained energy consultants.


Plug Into the Sun


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