Airsynergy and Aris Renewable Energy Sign License Agreement For The US Distributed Wind Market

Airsynergy and Aris Renewable Energy Sign License Agreement For The US Distributed Wind Market

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Photo L-R-Kevin Shevlin, CFO of Aris, Gerry Ryan CEO of Aris, Jim Smyth CEO Airsynergy, Adrian Kelly, Legal & IP Director Airsynergy

July 29, 2013

New York, July 2013– Airsynergy, a leading developer of advanced wind energy solutions and Aris Renewable Energy, New York based wind turbine supplier, today announced that they have entered into a multi state license agreement for the US market.  Under the terms of the agreement, Airsynergy has granted Aris a royalty bearing patent license to develop, manufacture and sell wind turbines and wind generated streetlighting utilising Airsynergy’s patented enhancement technologies.   The license covers 32 US states.   Aris is also acting as agent for Airsynergy to secure other licensees in North and South America.

The first products that Aris will bring to market in early 2014 are a wind powered streetlight and 5kW wind turbine.  These products shall be based on Airsynergy’s patent protected design.   Further details of these products will be released over the coming months.

Airsynergy and Aris Renewable Energy are mutually dedicated to transforming the distributed  wind market in the US.   We want to give US consumers, both residential and commercial, the opportunity for total and sustainable energy independence through the use of Airsynergy’s enhanced wind turbines’ said Jim Smyth, CEO of Airsynergy. ‘This agreement enables Aris to develop, manufacture and sell wind turbines based on Airsynergy’s patented enhancement technologies and will enable small wind turbines to compete with other power technologies across a greatly expanded market area..’

‘The agreement with Airsynergy is an enormous first step towards the ambitious targets we have set for ourselves and will enable us to deliver innovative clean energy solutions to the US market’ said Gerry Ryan, CEO of Aris Renewable Energy.  ‘Aris Renewable Energy, spearheaded by a world class management team and network of installers and distributors, will now commercialize its highly competitive wind turbine products to meet the challenges  of the US Distributed Wind market.’  

About Aris Renewable Energy (

Aris Renewable Energy is an associate company of DGC Capital Contracting Corp. who for 25 years has been the contractor of choice for the commercial and retail sector in the tri State area.   The brainchild of DGC CEO Gerry Ryan, Aris will now seek to bring DGC’s renowned customer and quality focus to the small wind energy market.   Aris Renewable Energy will offer high performing wind turbine solutions, based on Airsynergy’s innovative designs, to residential, commercial institutional and government energy consumers throughout the US.

About Airsynergy (

Airsynergy is a leading designer of next generation wind turbines for the modern energy market.   It has developed and patented scalable wind turbine designs that significantly enhance the power output and, for the first time, make wind energy cheaper than fossil fuels.  Airsynergy’s objective is to make wind energy affordable, feasible and accessible to people everywhere.   This is being powered through ‘win-win’ commercial partnerships and licenses with manufacturers and distributors throughout the globe.   If you are interested in licensing the world’s most powerful wind technology for your own business then please visit or email