Aris Corp/Tech Background

Corporate Background:

Who is Aris Wind LLC?

  • Aris Wind LLC, the wholly owned subsidiary of Aris Renewable Energy, LLC is a metropolitan New York City based renewable energy firm that has partnered with Airsynergy to promote, sell and service its Remote Power Unit (RPU) products in the US and Caribbean.

 Who Are Its Partners?

  • Aris Renewable Energy, and its subsidiaries are affiliates of DGC Capital Contracting Corporation. DGC Capital is a 30+year old company with a solid reputation amongst the largest retailers for executing fast track construction projects on time and on budget. The company, led by an experienced management team and advisory group, has a long-term history of corporate growth. For more on DGC, please go to for more information.


Gerry Ryan

  • Gerry is one of three co-founders of DGC Capital Construction Company and has expanded that start-up business successfully for over 30 years with many clients loyal since day 1. Gerry brings tremendous relationship building, strategy-vision-setting, commercial development, and execution leadership skills as the President and Chairman of Aris Renewable Energy. In his success with construction in the Tri-state and east coast regions, Gerry saw changes afoot in the energy sector and chose to form Aris to attack those opportunities. Soon after discovering Airsynergy and SOLIDPower non-US technology innovations, Gerry quickly recognized the tremendous value each posed to both his existing clients and to a much broader base of clients.

Dan Connors

  • Dan Connors (BS Chem Eng/MBA), formerly founder/principal of Renewable Energy Strategies, LLC joins Gerry Ryan as COO and Co-Founder of Aris Renewable Energy, LLC. Dan’s 30+ business years in traditional energy and renewable energy covers a range of power generation technologies and general management of a fuel cell technology startup.

Capabilities and Strategic Direction What does Aris Wind do?

  • Aris Wind has installed about 100 “Remote Power Units” RPU’s, utilizing the Airsynergy wind technology. Aris Wind seeks to expand the RPU market across school, municipal, institutional and commercial markets, via a network of dealers/installers.

How Can You Get Involved with Aris Wind?

  • Aris Wind encourages interested end users and qualified installers/dealers to contact us regarding opportunities in their regions.