Fuel Cell mCHP

Aris Energy Solutions, partnering with SOLIDpower introduces:

The most efficient fuel cell in the world, now available in the US, across a range of applications

Aris Energy Solutions has been selected as the lead provider of the SOLIIDpower fuel cell technology in to the US, starting with the NYC/Tri-State area. This initiative is spearhead by two senior energy commercial and technology leaders in the NYC markets, Steve Almeida and Lou Lombardozzi, who bring a cumulative 50+ years experience at Con Edison, NYPA and major energy brokerages, to anchor the Aris Fuel Cell mCHP business. (see announcements below)

Meets These Challenges

  • Resiliency
  • Decarbonization
    • 50% Reduction on Natural Gas NOW
    • Further Reduction via H2NG Blend
    • Zero Carbon on Green H2 and RNG
  • Attractive User Economics
    • Spark Gap, Demand Charges
    • CHP
    • Gov’t/Utility Incentives
  • Modular and Scalable 
    • To Serve Multiple Market Segments
    • Initially Targeting 1-10kW Markets


Scalable from kW to MW

Key Benefits

    • Highest net electrical efficiency, up to 61% (AC output)
    • 85% Total mCHP efficiency
    • Indoor, simple installation
    • Uses low pressure gas
    • Load following capabilities

Addressable Markets

  • Small/med commercial
  • Multi-family residential
  • Critical power users (99% +availability)
  • To MW scale full building loads

“Resilient Carbon Cutter Today; Stepping Stone to Carbon Neutrality Tomorrow”





Steve Almeida Jr.

Title: Director Fuel Cells & CHP

Office Phone: 914-308-3888

Cell: 914-839-3257

Email: salmeida@aris-re.com

Corporate Office

506 South 9th Avenue

Mount Vernon, NY 10550