Aris Energy Solutions Proudly Presents:

YANMAR Combined Heat and Power Systems




Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) is the production of heat and electricity from the same device/energy source at the point of use.





  • Onsite Generation: Electricity is generated close to the point of use, helping to avoid transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity travels over power lines.
  • Blackout Start (Grid Interconnectivity) – Using external [CP5WN, CP10WN] or internal [CP35D1] inverters, YANMAR’S CHP units can ensure heat and power remain uninterrupted even during a blackout.
  • Waste Heat Recovery: Thermal energy from space heating, domestic hot water heating, pool/spa heating and dehumidification or process applications goes unused in centralized power plants as waste, but in YANMAR CHP applications, it is used to offset boiler or other heating device usage.
  • Simple Integration: YANMAR CHP can be easily integrated into various electrical and thermal systems in small commercial or residential applications, including new construction and retrofitting into existing buildings.
  • YANMAR Engine (Reliability) – YANMAR Energy Systems has provided proven technology with over 300,000 gas engines installed worldwide over the past 30 years.
  • Long Maintenance Interval (Durability) – 10,000 hours [CP5WN, CP0WN] and 7,500 hours [CP35D1]. The gas engine provides one of the industry’s longest maintenance intervals through YANMAR’s unrivaled engine technology.
  • Compact & High Efficiency Generator (Efficiency) – A light and compact permanent magnet generator provides electricity with over 90% efficiency.
  • Multiple-Unit Operation (Flexible Installation) – YANMAR’s CHP units can be combined to form a larger CHP system for use across multiple buildings or a variety of configurations.
  • Remote Monitoring (Peace of Mind) – YES Remote Monitoring Capability provides 24/7/365 monitoring, which reduces time needed for diagnostics and repair, as well as the ability to schedule maintenance using cumulative operation time. Remote monitoring may also improve the customer’s ROI by proposing the best operation.
  • YANMAR CHP units are quiet. At 3 feet, CHP maximum noise levels are:
    • 54dB(A) CP5WN
    • 56dB(A) CP10WN
    • 62dB(A) CP35D1



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